“Careful what you will wish for”

Time Lapse (2014) I spent the first part of the movie wondering if I should continue watching or stop it. Leaving you with so many questions; it is a very intriguing movie that would satisfy thriller and sci-fi fans. The story briefly is about three friends that discovered a mysterious machine which takes pictures 24hrs into the future and conspired to use it for personal gain. … Continue reading “Careful what you will wish for”

Hope for a change!

Chou sar bi kfarmenkhar (Sat 29 January 2017) Comedy, educational During this weekend, the Lebanese puppet show was back presenting “What Happened in Kfar Menkhar?” (chou sar bi kfarmenkhar?)  in theater douwar al chams (Sunflower Theater – Tayouneh). The play was first produced in 1993 and marked the birth of the Lebanese Puppet Theater. It is targeting kids and talks about the pollution. it shows a street in Beirut, where different neighbors are … Continue reading Hope for a change!

A colorless life.

The Giver (2014) The giver is one of the good movies that makes you perceive the world in a different angle. It lets you think about your surrounding and how everything is affecting your emotions and lifestyle. I believe some of us have always wondered about a life where there is an absence of sadness. how would life look like? and this movie gives you … Continue reading A colorless life.