Hope for a change!

Chou sar bi kfarmenkhar

(Sat 29 January 2017)

Comedy, educational

During this weekend, the Lebanese puppet show was back presenting “What Happened in Kfar Menkhar?” (chou sar bi kfarmenkhar?)  in theater douwar al chams (Sunflower Theater – Tayouneh). The play was first produced in 1993 and marked the birth of the Lebanese Puppet Theater. It is targeting kids and talks about the pollution. it shows a street in Beirut, where different neighbors are living together in peace. You can easily relate to that play. Everyone start neglecting the fact that throwing garbage on the road will pollute all their surroundings. I have watched it as a kid and once again this year, it definitely still fits. After 20 years, the pollution in Lebanon is escalating. There is pollution everywhere and the population isn’t really helping. No one wants to learn to recycle. We are so lazy even to think about it. While this play talks to children, it targeted their parents as well. We are scared that our belongings get dirty but never thought about cleaning our surrounding. This is a population that never want to learn. Never want to do an effort to make things right.

I was so happy rewatching that play. It reminded me of my childhood.  It reassured me that there is always someone that cares about our education and evolving. Hoping that these children will teach their parents what they learned during this play. 

Maybe one day we can make a difference!

As much as I was happy to watch it again, I was sad. The theater isn’t in a good shape. It definitely needs restoration. How could people neglect the importance of theaters and plays in our country? We say we are educated, we say we read a lot and travel…. but where is the education in a population that still throws garbage on the road? What are we reading more than the makeup tips and food calories on the labels? and travel! we are traveling into places forced by the media and our travel agencies because we lack the budget. Instead of going to a play and let the actors take us to a place no one but us can imagine. No one but us can create. 

You can check other productions of the Lebanese Puppet Theatre  on “khayal” website http://www.khayal.org/


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