Life is just a game!

Nuts (2017)

This is not a movie for people that do not go to beaches (there are some naked shoulders and bikini scenes) not for people that do not go clubbing (there is alcohol on the tables and a kiss) and definitely not for closed minded people that try to relate everything to politics and religion… (this is just a movie). It is for everyone that is proud of having a high-level production movie and likes to encourage all the other producers to higher their standards because when we have the will it is proven that we can!

This is the first Lebanese movie that captivated my attention with the production. Sometimes I used to get amazed by the acting skills or the story other times I used to hate watching local movies. But this one is different!

It is definitely a movie to be proud of. The characters are so unique. You won’t be able to stop laughing while watching. You won’t be able to predict the upcoming events. You will see Lebanon in a different point of view. The streets and the buildings that you pass by every day will look different.

I am a big fan of Gabriel Yammine and Darine Hamze work. Tarek Tamim has a very funny part along with the one and only Badih Abou Chakra and so many other well-known figures. This movie, in particular, combining all these amazing actors and actresses, is now one of my favorite.

The only disappointing part of it all is the ending, the effect used made it look a little cheap but still satisfying.

The movie is amazing!



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