They say you can’t fight it! The gravity.

Upside down (2012)

The movie will take you in a world that you always wish to visit. Losing gravity! it is so beautiful to watch. The visuals, effects, and being able to float in the universe will get you immersed into this fictional world.

You start the movie with an intention of having deep thoughts of emerging two different worlds. A new point of view that will make you value the differences between two opposite perceptions. To find out that all these thoughts fade into a science fiction romantic love story. I am not saying that it is not a good movie to watch but I would generally prefer to skip romantics.

The illusion of the places up and down is very beautiful. The thought of having an upside world is magnificent. Eventually, it gets to the cliche love story that “we can’t be together… but we want to…. but we can’t…. but we will and live happily ever after!”

It is a very nice movie for valentine. Especially if your partner is a romantic movie lover and you hates it. This one is easier to watch than other romantic movies due to the stunning visuals. Can’t promise you much on the romantic part!


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