War love


Kelkon Sawa

Directed by Camille Salameh | Staring: Badih Abou Chakra, Rodrigue Sleiman and Patricia Nammour  (Sun 19 February 2017)

I am falling in love with a talent.

I can’t believe the feeling of joy that I have when I see Badih about chakra on stage. His body language, voice, character evolution… amazes me. He never fails of leaving a very big impact every time he participates in a play.

Kelkon Sawa – كلّكن سوا talks about the war period in Lebanon. With all the bad memories and loses everyone had, two gentlemen (Badih Abou Chakra بديع ابو شقرا  and Rodrigue Sleiman)succeeded in making the audience laugh and cry at the same time. Laughed at a reality we will never be able to change & cry to a reality we do not want to repeat. They succeeded in showing the tragedy of that situation and shed awareness to the younger generation on the events that they never lived.

The way they tackled the past events and going back in time is very beautiful.

Nammour Patricia added a lot to the play with her shy appearances. Her feelings were spread all over the stage and you can see the difference of characters when she was playing the role of the wife and the university student. I won’t say much about it because you have to go and watch and experience the interaction with the stage live.

I loved it all!



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