Partners in crime…



Directed by Joe Kodeih | Staring: Bernadette Houdeib & Tallal Jurdi | inspired by “Petits Crimes Conjugaux” of Eric Emmanuel Schmitt  (Sat 18 February 2017)

Seduction, love, misery and crime… this would wrap up all the amazing work done on that stage. A full stage where everyone was awaiting the incredibly talented actors to start. Digging in their past, looking for a future will present to you a black comedy that will mirror subconscious fears in a couple relationship. Shedding light on a couple live, Bernadette Houdeib & Talal Jurdi appeared at first the loving perfect couple. Which the husband had an accident and lost his memory. You will be exposed to the irony of how they react to such an event.

The mystery in the story will keep you focused and waiting to get the answer for all the questions you will have in mind. As always Bernadette and Talal will not let you down with their performance. The chemistry between those two amazing actors will make you fall in love with the story and feel involved in all occurring actions.

Bernadette was shining on that stage with all the ups and downs the character presented.

You will enjoy the show!


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