What’s in a portfolio?

Last Saturday the LGDS organized an event “what’s in a portfolio?” That explained to all designers what to include their cv and portfolio to help them get a better exposure for a better career path. The event took place at BDD in downtown. You definitely have to check the place.

Starting with Maya El Murr that explained about the things to be done in the portfolio shedding light on the user experience and its importance in the designer life. Followed by the talented designer Lara Balaa. She presented to you her career timeline and showed all junior designer that getting the dreams in your career needs a shift and isn’t easy. But eventually, every step you make will get you closer to the achievement you want. She is one of the founders of maajoun in Beirut, you will be amazed by the varieties of book covers she designs and how she can have fun with the typography. I loved them all! Chafica El-Labban, customer service manager in Lebanese memes presenting the story of how they started and became a digital media agency. I personally didn’t like the page and driving followers more into posts that have nothing to do with education, knowledge nor design…it was not a very nice step of them to drive all the traffic from the page to the business. Though the speaker was very nice and offered an internship for the fresh graduate designer. Mary Rizk introduced us to behance Beirut and explained how important to communicate with other designers. At the end, Patrick Nacouzi the president of LGDS shared his point of view which I don’t agree with. He was explaining why we should not include unpublished work on our portfolio and the argument was like not really convincing.

Your portfolio is yo, it is who you are and if you don’t get lucky to sell your work it doesn’t mean that you should hide it and feel ashamed of it. Your portfolio is like your personality some will like others will not the most important thing that you do is to do what makes you happy and love it. Eventually, you will find someone that will fall for all that package.

Finally, I would like to ask all Lebanese designers to join the syndicate and follow their events. Every member of the syndicate is doing a hard work to present to us new ideas, knowledge, designers… We need to make sure that it grows so it can support us more.

Photo reference: https://www.facebook.com/LebaneseGraphicDesignSyndicate/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE


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