Sailing the silk road – Caracalla

(Friday 17 February)

I am so proud of having that kind of professionalism in dancing theater in Lebanon. There is definitely work done there. And it is shown that the dancers have put a lot of effort to present such an international show. But I think that having this performance in Baalbek is surely more beautiful than the forum.

The stage was so crowded. I wasn’t able to follow-up all the events going around on the stage. Too many dancers moving that distracted my attention. The costumes were so colorful to the extent that you lose your focus on the play and the actors in the background. The international dancing team added to the performance weren’t so satisfying if you have watched other international dances you would know the difference. The sound wasn’t so clear. I had to read the subtitles to understand the play. Even though they were speaking in Arabic.

What amazed me in the performance is definitely the decorations and how they presented that stage as if we were in Baalbeck and the video effect. It is really beautiful.

My friends have watched it in Baalbek and were amazed by the show. I wish I had the chance to watch it there too.


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