Cheers to Marriage

encinq_حبلى – Written and directed by Gabriel Yammine

Actors Zeinab Assaf, Oussama El-Ali, Joyce Abou JaoudeNada Abou Farhat

(Saturday, 4 March )

She stands there looking at each one of the audience, making sure to let them know that they are part of the crime. A crime that will eventually drive any girl pressured by their judgments into a forced marriage or a marriage that she is not ready for. Because we are used to thinking that way and we think that these are the normal things to be done and have to be done that way.

Talking about every girl struggle in a society that does not believe in her capability to live a decent life without getting married! Nada takes you through Claire’s misery and shows you what no one speaks about. She will leave you speechless. You need to be there looking at her and leaving yourself indulge in the world she creates to evolve her character. She will make you laugh on life incidences that usually will make you cry.

I thought at first that they will distract the very beautiful performance I was waiting from my beloved actress. But I was wrong. With the very talented cast around her, the play was beyond amazing.

Claire was so concerned about having this child, not because she does not want him but because she is scared to expose her baby to a world she knows is unfair and not what she expected it to be. I think every woman should think about this before having a baby. It is not a game or a society pressure that must be done. If you are not ready for having a child save him the struggle in life and save us his psychological state that would be disturb.

Please think! You won’t lose so much of your precious time. You have the power to decide what to do with your life.

So Think wise!


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