The broken are the more evolved.

Split (2017)

After all the publicity was done for the movie and the trailer that captivated the viewer and created a desire to watch the movie. I waited till I am ready and focused to watch such a movie. Especially with having the name M. Night Shyamalan related to it (i have watched “THE VILLAGE” and “THE VISIT” and I am a fan of these two movies).

The story is about a man that suffers from personality disorder and have 23 personalities that are aware of each other. He abducted 3 young ladies and eventually try to kill them all.

I like the subject a lot and the doctor’s opinion about people having such a disorder was one of the good parts of the movie. How she sees them more powerful than the other humans and having a different point of view on that matter makes you rethink the way we look at others.

First, i didn’t understand how the characters are aware of each other. Second one girl in the movie had flashbacks that are not related to the story evolution. It feels weird!

I had hundreds of endings that would have made the movie one of my favorites but the writer decided to categorize it as a disappointing one.



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