Slap in the face for both gender!

Haki Rjeil (2018)

I wasn’t able to watch the play done years ago “haki neswen”. This year with “haki rjel”  it was time for me to go watch Lina Khoury’s work. It was time for someone to get the men voices out. With all the changes in society, we never thought about the guy’s side. This Play will show you the other perspective and get you to think of all what is your partner going through. Five men talking about their struggles in life. All the responsibilities they were born with and how their lives changed since the day they were born as “boys”.

Who could imagine a place full of women support and women empowerment movements and women rights… End up to be a world were men is looking for all of these?

One of the characters shocked me when he summarizes his misery with: I married my wife and gave her the dream wedding, the dream gift, the dream house… I never had the chance to live my own dream. And ended it up with: I am not sure that we have been living hers as well. What if we never have the chance to know what is really the dream we want to pursue in life? What if we know it but will never have the chance to live it?

In the end, one good point was brought up and ended all woman’s questioning about equality. You as a mother need to change the way you see your kids and not differentiates them. You are the only one able to create the equality in the society by treating your boy and girl the same way.





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