Come Back To Bed, Love

Habibty rja3i 3al takhet – (2018)

Lynn and Jad, married for seven years, wake up one night to the realization that they have fallen out of love. They spend the night trying to fall back in love. This romantic comedy explores how the difference between love, desire and habit becomes blurry with time. 

For all the couples that need to know about marriage life, this play will answer a lot of questions.

Waking up in the middle of the night, the wife questioned her feelings toward her husband.

You never could imagine the path of the conversation. Its very funny yet shows a lot of frustrations a couple encounter. One of the best plays I watched this year. It was showing in a new location I visited in Hammana. No stage, no decors… a mattress in the middle of the room and a couple having a bad night.

They talk about their attachment to their child, their jealousy, their routine… and the play end with no closure to that night. keeping your imagination to create the ending and the next day reaction toward what happened.


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